Face Lifting Surgery

Face Lifting

V Line Surgery Reduction and reshaping of the chin and jaws

V Line Surgery Reduction and reshaping of the chin and jaws is carried out using V-line surgery.

T-osteotomy for V-line

The procedure of cutting/shaving the bone in a T shape, discarding the middle portion and then fusing the remaining bones of the chin together and trimming the line of the chin is the T-osteotomy for V-line surgery.

Using the t-shaped bone cutting, adjustments can be made for the ratio of the chin tip, if the chin line is long or wide. In doing so trimming can also be performed. Moreover, the alignment of the chin from the rear and frontal view can also be made proportionate as well as the movement of the chin can also be adjusted.

Long curved mandibular contouring and rotatory

mandibular full contouring to create V-line

Trimming of the chin line from the mandibular angle to the tip of the chin is done using this surgical method. This method is also used for performing the cortical osteotomy. This procedure helps to attain the soft chin curvature, a slim tip along with a gentle chin line in cases where a wider chin is evident

Forehead Lifting method for our forehead lifting

Forehead Lifting Grand Esta uses the endoscopic method for our forehead lifting. This method produces no scarring, minimal swelling and immediate results. Traditional forehead lifting requires a full incision over the hairline which can leave a visible scar and damage surrounding tissues. However our surgeons are trained to produce a youthful lifted effect without the scarring and without the damage. This surgery not only corrects a sagging wrinkled forehead, but also lifts the dropping eyebrows, giving patients a much more youthful

Face Lifting we perform our facelifts using the SMAS technique

Face Lifting At Grand Esta we perform our facelifts using the SMAS technique, the entire lower face is pulled up and the jowls are reduced, the neck is tightened, the sagging cheeks are lifted up and the mouth and nose lines are removed. The separation of the skin and the muscle layer is required to carry out the SMAS face lift.

The layers are adjusted in such a way that the cheeks are adequately raised. After complete contouring of the face, the skin is placed back, excess skin removed and the skin reattached in the new ideal location. This procedure is typically performed together with a neck lift for older patients with visible neck sagging and double chin.


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