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Breast augmentation surgery is carried out after an in-depth consultations with our surgeons

Breast augmentation surgery is carried out after an in-depth consultations with our surgeons because the process requires great expertise and tailoring according to the patient. Our Breast Specialist Surgeons will discuss the following with the patient

Breast tissue analysis

Determines whether the whole breast requires augmentation or certain areas of the breast is deficient.

After Breast tissue analysis

the most appropriate implant material, shape and size will be selected for you. For example, some people with only mild deficiencies in certain portions of the breast can consider a fat graft instead of using an implant.

Examine and measure your breasts

including detailed measurements of their size and shape, skin quality, and placement of your nipples and areolas.

Incision site

Usually the breast augmentation is carried out by making a cut at the underarm followed by the implant being eased and adjusted into the breast pocket. However, cuts can also be made below the breast or under the nipple depending on the patient’s lifestyle and body.

breast surgery

Breast Lift

For women who have aged or have given birth, sagging breasts are a common occurrence. A breast lift or mastopexy restores shape and volume by lifting the breast tissue and removing excess skin and tissue. The underlying muscle and skin is then tightened and repositioned together with the nipple to areola to balance the overall aesthetic of the breast to its new position.

At Grand Esta, we frequently perform breasts lifts together with breast augmentation for our patients who request perky youthful looking breasts which are a few cup sizes above their original breasts.

breast surgery


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